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Explainable AI in all its states (or almost!): a few use cases

2024 marks a turning point for Anabasis: after successful production launches with key customers, we needed to take a step back, beyond the sectoral or business applications of our Karnyx expla

Explainable artificial intelligence and Semantic Web tools - Part 2

In the previous post, we focused on RDF-style knowledge graphs, the basis of Anabasis technologies. Now we a

Retour sur la participation d'Anabasis à SemWeb.Pro 2023

Parce qu'Anabasis Assets a construit sa suite logicielle sur les normes et standards du web sémantique (entre autres), il était naturel de participer à la Jou

Automatic ontology learning or how all texts hide schemas

Text-based automatic ontology learning supports knowledge engineers in analysing business knowledge from company documents. This is a promising area of innovation at Anabasis, which has initiat

Anabasis next gen - towards new challenges

Abstract: In a previous post we spoke about the genesis of Anabasis, characterized by the meeting between: (1) a breakthrough innovation, (2) an explainable and hybrid A

Explainable artificial intelligence and Semantic Web tools - Part 1

Explainable artificial intelligence is one of the foundations of the solutions developed by Anabasis. Like all artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, explainable AI seeks to simulate human in

Flashback on Anabasis attendance Vivatech Show 2022

Synopsis We thought the participation of a small deep tech structure in the European flagship event on the subject deserves a little feedback in terms of experience and results. Intern

Determining the accounting nature, a complex question... of data

Introduction Accounting is a key department, whether in businesses, administrations or associations. There are already many business softwares and applications out there, allowing to w

Making data speak - genesis of explainable AI at Anabasis

Making data speak - genesis of explainable AI at Anabasis Explainable AI didn't come out of Jupiter's head full

Using ontologies

Introduction It is difficult today to imagine a company without an information system (IS). Management data, accounts, customers, products, stocks, it is often even several IS that are

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