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In a previous post we spoke about the genesis of Anabasis, characterized by the meeting between: (1) a breakthrough innovation, (2) an explainable and hybrid AI, (3) a cutting-edge team and (4) a first customer who trusted us. What is next now? For reference, the genesis of Anabasis.

The interview given to BFM Business and broadcast on March 24, 2023 materializes a new impetus for Anabasis, which now has the size and the capacities to address, with its Karnyx software suite, new markets: justified decisions, automation, business modeling and quality of strategic data for organizations.

BFM Business Interview

The 3.5 minute interview format allowed us to focus on the essentials: what are the issues? what answer from Anabasis? what are the development prospects?

BFM Business interview

This post aims to place the interview in the product / market development strategy of Anabasis.

Background, and what is it Anabasis wants to address?

Here is what we observed: companies are faced with a mass of increasingly important and restrictive regulations. To comply with them, they must exploit data scattered in a multitude of information systems which each have their own life, their logic, their data.


In this context, access to reliable, complete and auditable data is a major challenge for companies. What to do when you are a human resources director and you have to comply with labor legislation? How can you ensure, as a banker, that you comply with the compliance rules for your transactions over time?

Anabasis' answer

It can be summed up in one word: KARNYX!

Karnyx coin

Alright, let's be more specific:

  • What Karnyx does

Karnyx is a software suite dedicated to the exploiting business data from various existing information systems. It makes it possible to query and visualize all of the company's data, to automate the cross-referencing of this data to produce reports: compliance reports but also decision-making reports or even reports on the ethics of business practices. company from the employees' or environmental points of view.

A user-friendly interface makes it possible to visualize these different reports and also to trace the sequence of transformations applied to the source data used, which makes it possible to ensure the reliability of the data produced. You can of course configure your indicators or alerts according to your specific needs.

  • How does it work?

The first step is to identify and extract relevant data from different sources. It is then necessary to make all of this data compatible: multitude of formats, multitude of models, difficulty in merging data relating to the same object.

For this we rely on very specific technologies in the field of "knowledge engineering", a branch of artificial intelligence that addresses the understanding of data in a detailed way and making it, in a way, "understandable by a machine.

The implementation of the system is carried out by our internal Business Analysts and Knowledge Engineers who are responsible for confirming the consistency of the representation with the domain to give the most reliable representation possible. Don't worry, we won't let you go on Karnyx without assistance or even help for the first steps of modeling. Our team has the characteristic, in addition to being pioneers in the field, of being very educational.

These same knowledge engineering technologies allow us to represent the constraints that a data set must respect and highlight violations or breaches of these constraints. But also, and his is a great strength of these technologies, to explain the reason: absence of data from a system, control X took place late, threshold Y n was not achieved, etc.

For what clients?

From the outset, the French MoD and the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) trusted us and detected our potential in disruptive innovation. They posed us a dozen challenges, from the conduct of military operations to real questions of maintenance management, HR or medical follow-up.

We are already present in the food industry (quality control).

But our solution is intended to irrigate entire sectors of the economy. Wherever you have to comply with legislation or standards. Wherever you need to put your key data in quality, consistency, compliance.

Le ROI (return on investment)?

This saves administrative time for reconciliation and research at all levels, compliance reports to edit and use. In short, it helps controll risks.

Le Roi

You want to find information? It's easy and this information is always up to date.

You wand to exchange an employee file, a patient file, an aircraft maintenance file, an HR file with another entity? It's easy and the file can be used directly in the information system of the various players.


This interview with Anabasis and, so do we hope, this post will help highlight our ambition, which is to go beyond our initial positioning as a pioneer in explainable and hybrid AI to offer :

  • a modeling environment that can be directly operated by our customers,
  • a flexible decision support tool always based on verifiable data,
  • an ability to improve quality, then maintain quality, of the organization's critical data.

Richard Roll

President and founder, Anabasis Assets

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